Responsive Design, RebelMouse, and Cologne Startups

As some of you might have seen I made several changes to my blog throughout the last weeks.

The most obvious change is the new design of my blog. I put away with the silly header image (that font in the logo now is Bariol) and switched to a responsive design, which means that it adapts to your device’s screen size without having to resort to any plugin like WPTouch, although I’m stil thinking of integrating Onswipe for tablets, just cause it has a great UX. I was nearly going for the Svbtle theme for WordPress, but that was a bit too minimal and confusing for me, so I ended up with the awesome and free Origin theme by DevPress. To stay true to the more minimalistic design I removed the social media buttons from the excerpts and switched the Twitter widjet in the sidebar from Juiz Last Tweet Widget, which is very nice I have to add, to the official Twitter widget, which is lighter and nicer to integrate with the theme.

Then I integrated my RebelMouse account as the Recently Shared page on this blog. RebelMouse advertises itself as “Your Social Front Page!” and lets you aggregate your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into one page with all the links and pictures you shared publicly. It’s still in beta but looks very promising.

Last but not least, I integrated a map of all Cologne (and surrounding) Startups started by Thomas Grota from T-Ventures. Thomas is very actively promoting and helping the Cologne startup scene and doing an awesome job! There’s also a Cologne startups Google spreadsheet, where you can add your (and other) startups to the list and request improvements. You are also welcome to join the Cologne Startups Facebook group, to request being added to the map or just discuss entrepreneurship and be part of the growing startup scene here.